Meet Helen…

Helen's Family

Helen’s Family

Helen Kruse, wife of O.H. Kruse Grain and Milling’s founder Otto Kruse, always kept a flock of chickens in the backyard to produce fresh meat and eggs for her family. Helen only wanted the best for her growing family and insisted that Otto only use the healthiest, natural ingredients in all the feeds his company made because that feed was fed to animals producing food that the Kruse family ate.

Helen’s determination that Otto use only the healthiest ingredients in Kruse’s Perfection Brand Feeds became the standard to which all generations of the Kruse family have been committed to since 1935.

Today lots of folks are going back to the basics and raising their own chickens because poultry remains a great source for healthy nutrition. Helen’s Best Poultry Products are our tribute to Helen Kruse and her insistence that we produce the healthiest poultry feed possible – from our family to yours.

Whether raising poultry for eggs, meat, or turkeys and game birds, we got the right feed for you that optimizes your flock’s health, happiness, and production.

Ensure your flock’s health, happiness, and production with Helen’s Best Eggcellent Nutrition Series, Sunday Dinner Series, or Holiday Meal Series.